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The Very Best of 2017 Mixtape!

best of 2017 game of the year mixtape legend of zelda breath of the wild super mario odyssey sonic mania blaster master zero cuphead fire emblem warriors ever oasis horizon zero dawn mario + rabbids mario kart 8 deluxe metroid samus returns nier automata night in the woods persona 5 splatoon 2 tekken 7 wolfenstein ii yakuza 0 yooka laylee

It's the end of a fantastic year for video games and video game music, and we've got our best of 2017 mixtape! John, Johnny and David have a quick discussion of their game of the year choices and then we've got tunes from 20 games in a massive mix!

If you're reading this, you might be realizing that the podcast feed doesn't have the complete mix. We really would appreciate it if you checked out for the full, 2-hour version of the mix, plus other great bonuses! We appreciate all the support we've received from our patrons this year and look forward to making fun stuff all year long in 2018! Special thanks to our super-fan tier Patreon producers: Alex Messenger and Lance Riviere!

Happy New Year!