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Episode 54: Command & Curry

nintendo switch boring tank names fighting over women just do it up command & curry spaaaaace super sonic launch games just buy the cyborgs shadow so proud of you pun names

To make up for settling on a mixtape last week, we decided to pack this week's show with crazy amounts of awesome! As a result, we have our longest episode to date, with 8 games worth of tunes and 8 discussions worth of god-only-knows!

We take 4 requests for the show, feature a brand new console, an amazing launch game, discuss boring names for frogs and tanks, enjoy some retro-remakes, dive in and out of magic portraits, have a curry dinner with Tim Curry, discuss the differences between boomerangs and power blades, Johnny finally gets as tricky as he possibly can, and we discuss all the different reasons why we're kicking David W off the show for good!

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