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Episode 68: Leeroy Jason's Strawberry Nips

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Inspired by the launch of our Patreon, we've got an episode all about games with paid bonus content! That's right, those three letters we all love to hate: DLC! We have a blast with special returning guest Ryan Drake (@rayke) as we talk overpowered artists, killing Rami Malek (in a game), games we love everything about except playing them, games that haven't aged well, and phone calls that interrupt everything that you're trying to do! It's a great one! And if you want more great content....

Our Patreon has officially launched! is the new home for exclusive content, starting with our N64 Fantasy Draft mixtape, and the greatest song of all time: The GTT Rap! Check out the page and consider supporting the show as we attempt to grow and create more great stuff! Special thanks to our super-fan tier Patreon producer: Alex Messenger!

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