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Episode 53.5: You Got Mega Mixtape!

mixtape mega man mega man 2 mega man 3 mega man 4 mega man 5 mega man 6 mega man 9 mega man 10

David took his favorite 8-bit Mega Man tracks and made you a sickass mixtape with them!


Intro (MM4 Epilogue)
MM2 Intro
MM2 Title
MM3 Title
MM5 Intro
MM5 Title
MM9 Stage Select
MM10 Boss Select
MM Cut Man
MM2 Wood Man
MM4 Skull Man
MM6 Tomahawk Man
MM3 Spark Man
MM9 Tornado Man
MM3 Snake Man
MM5 Wave Man
MM2 Crash Man
MM10 Sheep Man
MM4 Pharoh Man
MM3 Shadow Man
MM9 Hornet Man
MM6 Yamato Man
MM2 Flash Man
MM5 Star Man
MM2 Air Man
MM Elec Man
MM6 Boss
MM3 Boss
MM2 Boss
MM10 Boss
MM9 Boss Clear
MM2 Dr Wily Map
MM10 Silent Rain
MM10 Abandoned Memory
MM5 Darkman Stage
MM3 Dr Wily Stage 1
MM3 Dr Wily Stage 2
MM9 We're the Robots
MM4 Dr Wily Stage 2
MM2 Dr Wily Stage 1
MM5 Final Boss
MM9 Wily Machine
MM3 Ending (Whistle Concert)
Outro (MM5 Password)