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Episode 65: Death Eggroll

melee grappling hooks jetpacks alf dead possessed baby ghosts shit in a box death eggroll toot toot sonic platter white knuckle thrillride

This week's episode takes us back to a simpler time, a time of small discs, memory cards and handles on consoles! We've got 7 great Gamecube games, and fond memories (or in John's case, lack of memories) of all of them! We talk about our favorite things from the system's best-selling game, crazy ass multiplayer with grappling hooks and jetpacks, fighting a giant puppet, dead possessed baby ghosts (whatever that means), shitting in a box and mailing it to your least favorite neighbors, opening up a Sonic themed Chinese restaurant, and wacky cutscenes that take the piss out of cool characters! It's a super-long episode, but it's a super-blast!

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